Eline R. 


This place is so great! I actually tend to be picky about places and restaurants but this was one of the best places I’ve visited so far. From the look outside, it seems really elegant and awesome, inside, it was more than breathtaking. I love the physical appearance of it and how much the owners paid so much effort with the designs and everything. The relaxing and cozy feeling was really good and I keep coming back because it really makes me calm and relaxed. Sometimes, I come here with my friends but I will try to visit alone, I’m sure it’ll be a good experience as well. 


Simon Y. 


I’ve come here because of my friends who actually brought me to this place a few days ago. I’m not really fond of bars but I do love drinking different types of alcohol that’s why my friends have a hard time dealing with me especially when we go out. I was surprised one day when they brought me here. Thinking it will be a bar, I didn’t expect much but came along anyway. But when we arrived, I realized it was also a restaurant so I was really glad. It was more different and better than I thought so I enjoyed my first time being in Bon Marche. 


Kathlyn G. 


I really like restaurants since I’m such a food lover. Discovering this place gave me an opportunity to explore more about the French cuisine and drinks so it was really fun. I also love the events they hold, the shows, and performers make the place better. They also have really good staff that accompany the customers well so I fell in love with the restaurant as soon as I visited. Now, it became a habit of mine to drop by here once a week.