I wonder if you have free parking because some places often make customers pay for the parking as well. 


Yes, we do have free parking so you don’t have to worry about paying for parking as well. 


Does the menu of your restaurant the same as your menu that is available in this website or are there any dishes you don’t put here? 


Yes, the menu on our restaurant is just the same as the menu on this website. We always make sure to update the website whenever we put new dishes on the menu. Everything is also available for both dine-ins and orders. 


Is your delivery fast? Can I order even for offices as well or different buildings? 


Yes, we assure you that our delivery is very fast because we don’t want our customers waiting for a very long time. You may also order from us even if you are in your work or offices. We do deliver in such places so feel free to contact us anytime. 


Can I make suggestions about your menu? 


Yes, we do accept requests and suggestions to improve our menu and services so feel free to message us about it. To tell us about your thoughts, don’t hesitate to send us a message to our email address given in the contact section. 


Hi, I am new to your restaurant and this website as well. I wonder if you will ever open on Sundays too? I really want to visit on Sundays as well especially since it’s my free time. 


Hello, thank you for thinking of visiting us and for checking our website. As for now, we still don’t open every Sundays but we do plan on doing so especially when we hire more staff for our restaurant. Please do anticipate and feel free to visit us on other days too!