Bon Marche

 Welcome to Bon Marche! A place where you can definitely find everything you are looking for in a restaurant and a bar. 


Have you gone tired of choosing different places from time to time or perhaps, are you tired of dining in one specific place all the time? Do you want to try a different one which you haven’t tried yet? Are you looking for a Brasserie and Bar where you and your friends could go to and have some quality time with each other? 


Going to bars is a way of letting out our stress and getting time for ourselves. But wouldn’t it be too much if we go to these kinds of places too often? That is why places like Bon Marche, a Brasserie, and Bar were all made. Anyone who wants to find a relaxing time and be free from stress for a while will definitely have fun in these places. Why Bon Marche? Because we have the perfect quality of restaurant yet we give you different types of drinks that you will surely enjoy as if you’re in a bar. We started only as a bar way back and thanks to, we were able to develop our security in our garage door where we store our stuff until we finally improved opened our own restaurant not too long ago. 


To check out the dishes we serve in our restaurant, feel free to visit the menu of this website which will show you the different types of food we serve. Prices and details are included so you will get to know about these dishes more. You can order from us if you want to by calling us or sending us a message by email which is located in the contact part of our website. If you would like to reserve a seat and table, please contact us as well from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM. Please refrain from calling earlier or later than the said schedule because we can’t accept reservations before 7 AM and after 9 AM. We are also open from Mondays to Saturdays and closes every Sunday. We do serve breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. We also take orders for any kind of meals and dishes so please feel free to order from us or visit our restaurant. 


See the schedule for our events as well by checking the event section here. You may see whom we guest and who will perform and play in such events. People love it when others perform for them or when bands play music often so we do that occasionally. To find that relaxing feeling you’ve desired for a long time or to experience a different place, we are more than glad to welcome you to our restaurant. We guarantee that you will only receive warm services, high quality and best-tasting food, cozy ambiance and an amazing band or artists that are free to play music and songs to set up a better mood for all of you. Always remember that we are just waiting for you to call us and visit us!