About Us 

 Bon Marche was built years and not too long ago. The whole place was designed and planned by a French entrepreneur who already has his own business built a long time ago. Building another one and declining to make a restaurant this time, makes him own two businesses in the meantime. As an entrepreneur who focuses on architecture, buildings, and constructing, it was definitely a surprise to suddenly decide on creating a business that includes culinary service. But actually, this restaurant was referred by his wife, who in fact studied a culinary course and wanted to pursue being a chef. 


With their ideas in mind, the couple took a different path but it was definitely worth a try. His wife wanted to do this ever since she was a teenager so when she finished studying culinary, they took the opportunity to create a restaurant. While the husband designed and planned everything about the physical appearance of the place, and staff, the wife, on the other hand, planned everything including the menu, the concept and other things inside the restaurant. Together, they were able to create a business that was shockingly different than the usual type of business that the husband has. 


A lot of support came from different friends, relatives, and other people. Besides, the man has great connections so attracting people towards his new restaurant wasn’t a hard thing to do. He also advertised this place to his company which also caught more attention from other people. They were glad that many loved their restaurant and that they were able to serve more people other than the man’s business. Now, they are more than satisfied with the service they give to clients and customers since the place was handled very well. However, they both hope they also give satisfaction to the customers as well because that was their purpose for creating such place.